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2011-02-25 01:45 pm

[Book Review] Ash by Malinda Lo - YA romance

Ash by Malinda Lo
recommended, with caveat

After Ash's father dies, her cruel stepmother forces her to become the household servant. When Ash meets Sidhean, a dangerous and powerful fairy, it seems like her dreams of a fairytale rescue are about to come true.

Then Ash meets Kaisa, the King's Huntress, and over a summer of learning to hunt and ride, she falls in love.

But Sidhean has already laid his claim, and Ash must choose between a magical romance and true love.

I really wanted to like this book. Some of my favorite authors said such lovely things about it, the excerpt on the jacket was spare and beautiful, and I have a thing for huntresses, in general. Also, the cover is great. I was hoping for something vivid and moving, similar to Keturah and Lord Death, except with more horseback-riding and real fairies, and much less actual dying. Ash was a good book, but only superficially like what I expected.

It was good )